Poetry #2: The Co-Ed


Written about my daughter, two days before leaving for college…

The Co-Ed

Day after tomorrow

you will be away

Heading for college

and there you’ll stay

Not safe and warm

tucked in down the hall

In your room with Addai’s

ugly poster on the wall

Where lavender curtains

look out on our street

Floor scattered with

clothes, towels, and

shoes for those little feet.

Hard to think of days

Without seeing your smile,

Loving grumpy ways,

With which you beguile

Silky blonde hair

and casual flair

tiny ears and turned-up nose,

crazy colors on your toes…

Your love for the “rogs”

Waiting to saw logs,

“Jewish” Sophie thinks, “Shalom!”

When she hears, “Carmyn’s home!”

Running to share Villa-Villa Kula

She loved having TWO high-schoollahs.  J

Ice Cream Beggar

Student Extraordinaire

May God bestow upon you

Tender loving care

As you pursue

Your life anew

Though as your mom

I’m blue to bid you adieu

From our sheltered cocoon


My girl, it’s time to go

to learn and grow at



*Addai = Joseph Addai of the Indianapolis Colts—she had a life-size poster of him on the back of her door.

*Sophie = one of our pitbulls

*rogs = our Scooby-Doo way of referring to our dogs

*Villa-Villa Kula= what we call Carmyn’s room; it’s a reference to Pippi Longstocking’s house in which she has a

horse and a monkey.  Our pets LOVE Carmyn’s room—hence, Villa-Villa Kula

*Valpo-Rain-Snow = Valparaiso University’s nickname due to the inclement weather from being so close to Lake



About Everything All At Once

I have been an educator and wife for over 30 years. As a mother of two with dogs and a busy household, I am trying to hold everything together, all at once, as the blog title implies. These are my thoughts as we exit 2017 and move into the future.

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