Loving and Loathing

Loving and Loathing

I read Mem Fox’s poem,  “Loves and Loathings”–here it is:

I love these things

My family and friends
World peace
A full moon
Green paper clips
Saturday mornings
ABC Radio National
Social justice
A clean kitchen sink
19th century novels
Singing alone in the car

I loathe these things

The effect of war on children
Brown clothes
Economic rationalism
Cleaning up dog vomit
Racial intolerance
Identical letters from a class
Land mines
Mobile phones in airport lounges
Right wing newspaper columnists

and was inspired to try writing my own:

Loves and Loathings

I love these things

Family and friends
a starry night
neon gel pens
lazy weekends
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (together)
Justice for people and animals
an organized bookcase full of favorites
novels, professional books, and poetry
Singing with Bon Jovi in the car

I loathe these things

The effect of politics on education, the middle class
wrinkled clothes
Classism, racism, all the isms
Selfishness, cruelty
standardized testing
the New England Patriots
texting, talking, surfing, ignoring those in front of you
Fake listening



About Everything All At Once

I have been an educator and wife for over 30 years. As a mother of two with dogs and a busy household, I am trying to hold everything together, all at once, as the blog title implies. These are my thoughts as we exit 2017 and move into the future.

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