I wrote this poem about people who are more tuned in to their electronic devices than to the human beings who are right in front of them.




Eyes far away, glazing

Attention diverted to

Electronic “friends”

Devices to escape

Your reality

Even when it’s right

In front of you

Breathing, talking

Alive and responding


In front of you

Never really hearing

Not really seeing

Eyes retreating,

Losing Concentration

diverted to something else

Designed to quicken


Hindering ours

Gasping for air

Swallowing us in solitude

Even when we’re together


Especially when

We’re together…

you’re tuned out


About Lively Literacy Teacher

I was a classroom teacher of grades 1 - 4 for 20 years. I earned my M.A., as a reading specialist for grades K -12 in 2008. I have been fortunate to be a literacy coach and coordinator for public schools since that time. I am a loving mother of two children, a daughter and a son. I am a devoted wife to a police officer. I have two pitbulls and am a lover of all animals, particularly these lovely dogs.

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